Modern Tiny House On Wheels Concept and Plan

Modern design will certainly provide such the beautiful and simple look to the interior and exterior home. Choosing the style of a home is a basic thing you should do, in order to make it has a particular value and style. Modern and contemporary style could be the popular choice among people these days, including applied for such the tiny houses. Choosing the styles of a home seems to be very prominent in these recent days. Thus you can show to anybody else about your characteristic and your own personal preference. You can  consider for having such a very cool modern tiny house on wheels. Here are some basic ideas you should read before you go to build it.

Modern Tiny House Concept


Choosing the modern tiny house also means that you eliminate nature look from the design. However, it does not done entirely. You can still provide any nature or traditional feel to the modern style, to enhance its appearance. The concept of modern could be similar with what people call as the contemporary. Modern feel brings the feel of recent eras, that focuses on material which provide sophistication as well as simplicity and technology.

You also can draw modernity into your tiny house on wheel. The concept is simply applied into the material of the house, which includes material for wall, floor, and also roofing. The use of metal and glass are found so dominant. Meanwhile there are only selected woods which can play the role in the modern tiny house. How about the wheel? There is no requirement about it, you can choose the wheel in many sizes and diameters, depend on your need. Modern house literally use the more open spaces, and try to open up indoor and outdoor. Therefore, you use the more no framed glass windows for this type of house. Sliding glass door is also a prominent choice which can also contribute a very significant value to your cool tiny house.

Furnishing and accessories also play their own role in making a cool tiny house. They will appear match one to another when the furniture is such selected type of modern wood, fabric couch or sofa, and also some metal or paper accessories on wall.

Modern Tiny House On Wheel Floor Plan


There are number of architects specializes themselves in the modern house style. It will be better if you contact one of them, and hire them to help you realizing your own dream modern tiny house on wheels. Together you can make a floor  plan about it, how you will design the first floor, second floor, and also the loft. Modern house focuses the more on spaciousness and simplicity. So the floor plan also should follow its concept. As the ideas for you, you can see the photo above to guide you making a simple Modern Tiny House On Wheel Floor Plan.

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